Thursday, 5 August 2010

Scrap With Us Week 21

Wight Craft Circle Scrap Challenge- Home is Where the 'Soul' is.
I've set myself a bit of a personal challenge scrapbooking wise. My storage box full of odds and ends and scraps seems to be getting a bit out of hand. So I am attempting to use up old bits of card stock and oddly shaped bits and pieces to tidy up and make things a bit more manageable. At this rate I'll need a brand new mansion just to house my crafting supplies ;0)

For this weeks 'Home is Where the 'Soul' is' challenge I went round to my Mum and Dads house and took photos of their house and a lovely home sampler my Mum stitched a few years back. I wanted to give this LO a bit of a home stitched feel. Unfortunately (after all my drawing effort) the photos havent picked up the cross stitching detail I drew on all the way round the outside. Oh how much easier life would be with a mini sewing machine *lol*

I tried out a couple of new tricks as well. Whilst last crafing with Paige I watched her sew buttons onto one of her LOs so I gave that a go (using up the remainder of a box of Playground SU buttons I've had for a little while). And the linen thread matches the feel of the LO a treat ;0)
All in all, a good LO for me! I am getting a little happier and more confident with each scrap challenge week that goes by. I am reading more online (and watching the odd tutorial too) so I am able to think a bit outside the box scrapwise. Although I still see very strong straight lines running through every LO.

Also really enjoying the Paperclipping roundtable blog. Makes me smile each week and has good info on where to go for tips and tutorials.

Right, now two more LOs to catch up with (still stuck with 'A cherry on top')....

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  1. This is a really nice LO Sarah, I love the colours. You can see you are paying more attention to the little details, like the stitching to match the sampler. Im looking forward to the SU party! x