Monday, 16 August 2010

Wight Craft Circle- Scrap With Us

Saturday was the Wight Craft Circle crop. I was having a bit of a creativity block (I blame it on the late night Friday at Sam's Stampin Up workshop followed by sitting on the Downs watching the meteor shower!) so only completed two LOs. At the time I really didn't like them and felt like I was banging my head against the scrapbooking wall. But then when I took them out yesterday to show Mum and take these photos I was much happier with them. I really love the 'My Lucky Guilty Pleasure' one. I bought these papers on the off chance having seen them online and they turned out to be perfectly matching (I knew I wanted to use the scanned image of the lucky scratchcard I bought the other day). So, from being disappointed on Saturday it actually ended up that I love them. And to celebrate I made the 6x6 mini LO yesterday ;0)
Scrap With Us:

Week 25 "Guilty Pleasure"
Week 26: "Life's A Beach"
Pictures taken in Hawaii of the Lost location beach. Sadly no cast members or filming the day we were there. But we did get to see all the key beach locations.... Locke's sweat lodge, the burial mounds of Shannon, Boone etc., Sawyer's tent, parts of plane 815 and rows of Dharma Initiative cans and food.
And one final 6x6 just for fun in my mini LO album. My sister when she was little causing havoc in the local nativity play ;0)

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  1. Now how come you hide both of those LO's when at the crop? I really like them both! we will have to do lunch sometime this week!

  2. I loved the beach one at the crop but didn't see the other one you did, its great! You need to show everyone at the crop when you finish a LO!!!! Thanks again for the SU party on friday, it was great. Your demo was brilliant and the take and make card was FAB! I don't know why you get so worried, you are a brilliant demonstrater! x