Thursday, 23 December 2010

JYC Days 22 and 23

Its official! I've completely burnt myself out Christmas craft wise *laugh* I spend all year looking forward to Christmas card making and then I peak too early!! ;0) I had a whole stack of little crafting accessories I wanted to make before Saturday and now all of a sudden I am out of time and Christmas is upon us. So instead of making tags and the like, I've spent the evening making some last minute little pressies for people. Oh and catching up on JYC of course....

Day 22: The prompt was to journal about what I still have to do and last minute lists. I really didnt have any inspiration for that prompt as I really was too scarily organised this year. And I had a lovely day in Portsmouth yesterday which I wanted to journal about instead. So I used that as my focus. We started and ended the day in Starbucks (no Eggnog Latte for me- they'd sold out!!!) which is pretty much a given with me and Mum anyhow. But I adore their Christmas drinks and their seasonal cups too. I had picked up a few spare red cups when they were first launched in November as i wanted to make a mini album with one. But instead I cut one up today to form the journalling section of my LOs.

 I cut a cup up, folded in half and then punched holes to make an extra page section for the journal. I stuck an envelope in and used this to store our train tickets and a Starbucks voucher (due to the 6 drinks we purchased in there yesterday I got two packets of coffee for free *hooray for Christmas bargains*)
 Day 23: Prompt- Stockings

Stockings have always been a family tradition in our house. I cannot end this tradition as I just love buying all the little bits and pieces to put in a stocking. The photo is of Sam's stocking this year (I have NO idea why it printed so dark as the photo was super bright). I've filled it with lots of Sam related goodies (cherry liquor curd anyone? Good job he doesnt read this *tee hee*)
The little stockings that are hanging up on my LO are from the FANTASTIC Every Little Bit stamp set from Stampin' Up! I recently treated myself to this set (it is one of the more expensive sets- but worth every penny for all the gorgeous little pictures that come with it. So versatile!)

I'm feeling so contented and festive. Only half a day of work left and then its officially Christmas-time! ;0) Hoping to go along to a Christingle service tomorrow afternoon. I adore listening to the Christmas readings and singing the Christmas Carols.

Happy Festive Crafting and a Very Merry Christmas too.



  1. I hope starbucks on the way to my mums still have some xmas cups!!! I want one for my JOY ;) lovely pages Sarah, pleased you only have half a day at work tomorrow. Have a get Xmas!!! I hope you have chance over the weekend to keep up with your book :)

  2. Love your cute little stockings Sarah. Wishing you a Happy New Year x