Thursday, 2 December 2010

Journal Your Christmas Day 1

First things first. Look at what awoke me this morning upon getting out of bed....

And yes I know the mainland has it all a lot worse and has had it all week. But for my little old island this is a LOT of snow ;0) Sam and i got up super early on this surprise 'snow day' and went to take photos before everything got disturbed. I wanted to get some lovely shots for my JYC album.  I did try and get to work but the buses are all grounded and there is very little traffic getting in or out of Newport. So lets see what the day brings......

Here is a shot i took of Church Litten first thing:

Last night I spent a lovely evening in the company of Hayley, Sandy, Chris and Zoe at Hayley's monthly craft night. It was lovely to share some festive nibbles and do a bit of Christmas crafting. I decided that I would minimise the stash I carried with me and just take enough to make two of these gorgeous paper wreaths using the Stampin' Up! Jolly Holiday DSP. I decided to have a go at creating a matching wreath to go with my paper Christmas tree. Seeing it hanging up this morning made me feel very festive and the wreath has definitely grown on me overnight. Its not quite as tidy as I would probably have liked. But i think that adds to the festive charm ;0)

And lastly for todays post, Journal Your Christmas. Yesterdays prompt got us to think about our Christmas manifesto. I used Shimelle's prompt from the daily email and also wrote my own (I'll post again later with my words). I havent quite finished mounting my manifesto on to its intro page. So instead I am posting the inside front cover (with Shimelle's prompt) and the first journalling page I did (my cat Ella exploring our first day of light snowfall).

 (A simple LO but i let the photos tell the story and the beautiful glittery paper didnt need embellishment)
So far (and yes I know I am only one day in) I am really enjoying it. But then there has been a lot of source material in the short time since December 1st begain (sharing crafting with friends, snow, crazy cat behaviours in the snow).

Happy Snow Day to all



  1. Lovely pages for your album...and the wreath is gorgeous.

  2. Love your pages so far and that wreath is divine!!

    I am using the same album as you and am loving the format


  3. all this snow has been a fab way to start our albums, hasn't it! I'm loving the wreath!!! note to sefl: must buy more double sided papers!