Thursday, 9 December 2010

Journal Your Christmas Day 9

Still feeling poorly. Slept some of the afternoon which means I am now unable to fall asleep at the proper time. So I thought I'd have a go at todays prompt and upload. I've kept it relatively simple as I needed to give my creative brain a break today. I've been looking forward to this prompt since day 1. My family have a lot of Christmas traditions that make the season for me. But the one I really wanted to highlight was our love of The Muppet Christmas Carol. We usually wait and watch it all together once a year (and you know Christmas is really coming once we've all had a Poulton sing-along to all the songs!). I didnt need to say much more than give a page up to the movie poster. Its so lovely and festive that i didnt want to cover much of it up.

I've created a mini card behind the manatee decoration photo for my Traditions journalling. I also inserted a hidden journalling card between this page and tomorrows. I had a few things I wanted to note down about whats been going on through December and how I've been feeling about JYC. But I wanted it to be hidden away from the main pages. So I just stuck two pages together and inserted a tab and journalling card ;0) I have made a little deal with myself to be more honest with my journalling as that is part of the recording of memories. So I am making time to include more written word. Which wont always be part of my main pages.

Happy festive crafting ;0)

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  1. Hope you feel better soon! Your JYC is looking so good, I love the page with the xmas past photos on that feel xmasy to you (post under this one)I am not keeping up very well with mine!