Thursday, 9 December 2010

Journal Your Christmas Days 7 and 8

So my annual Christmas cold has hit! And its seemingly hit my creativity too. I've been feeling positively miserable and sorry for myself. But I've been keeping up with my JYC as the eclectic creative feel is part of the Journal's story in itself. And I have noted in my journalling that I've not been up to scratch health wise ;0)

Day 7's prompt was Christmas lists and what is left to do. I was a little over enthusiastic this year and somehow managed to get nearly everything done in November. So source material was a bit thin on the ground. I did, however, have a play with the settings on my camera to have a go at Shimelle's photography prompts. I wanted to have another go at blurring the background. Hence the photo of the wrapping paper rolls. I am really enjoying capturing the moments of Christmas that would otherwise by overlooked (but are no less important in the overall festive preparations!).

 Day 8's prompt was 'The sights of Christmas'. We were all challenged to take our cameras out and about and photograph our neck of the woods on December 8th. However, as I was home from work poorly I couldnt really get out to take pictures. But still wanted to complete my page for the day. So I went through my photos and used pictures from Decembers past and created pages based on images that capture Christmas for me. And things I have taken photos of deliberately for the feelings they evoked in me at the time. I've included photos from my various Christmas travels (Prague Christmas Markets and the city of Christmas, NYC).

 I then wanted a comparison page to compare traditional Christmas signs to the the more personal modern signs (things that mean a lot to me - hence the photo of this years festive Radio Times!).
 I've also not been leaving myself enough space for journalling so entered an extra smaller page to catch up with things on how I've been feeling and what I've been wanting to say.
These arent my favourite JYC pages so far. However, they do contribute to my overall feeling and experience of my first Christmas journal. So I'm glad they are there. And I am happy to be trying new styles and each page uses different papers and embellishments.

Happy Festive Crafting ;0)

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  1. I'm loving all the different looks each page has! great to see you are keeping up to date with your pages :) I'm not!!! the crop has changed location for Saturday we will be at Sam's house, are you coming? I remember you saying something about a card class you are running.