Monday, 13 December 2010

Journal Your Christmas Days 10, 11 and 12

Hello all, apologies for my blogging absence. Stupid flu cold thing laying me low this past few days. I've really not felt up to much at all. But I've kept on with my JYC. But I have scaled back a bit on the amount I am including (partly through necessity as my binder is already bursting at the seams- I have definitely been over zealous with my embellishments. Trying to keep it to one page a day now instead of two).

So here is Day 10. The prompt was Christmas wrapping. I covered the page with my favourite roll of Christmas paper. This was actually from last year but I wanted to include it as I still think its lovely. I have then used a couple of gift tags to embellish the page.

 I also created a second page for Friday as Mum and I went along to the Lights of Love service in Newport St Thomas' Church. It was in aid of the Earl Mountbatten Hospice and was a lovely joyful service. I haven't been to Church in over 4 years now but I still had the same joyous feeling at listening to the nativity readings and singing along to Hark the Herald Angels.
 Day 11's prompt was Christmas Trees. I'd already covered the paper in relevant tree C/S but then sat down and didn't feel like creating on the subject. So I just themed it on taking a trip to the cinema to see Voyage of the Dawn Treader (which I loved btw). I've wanted my journal to be part reflection and part diary. So this fitted in well with that.
 Day 12: Prompt- Christmas Past. Well as I'd already reflected on Christmases past on previous days I decided to do the Christmas Tree prompt on Day 12 instead. I used my own tree as the focal point of the page and journalled about my eclectic collection of decorations. Sam and I also visited his parents yesterday where we photographed his two year old nephew helping to decorate their tree. I thought it was such a lovely image i just had to include it too.
I hope the festive season is treating you all well. I am getting in the mood now having spent last night with an Irish Coffee, a tub of pick n mix and Elf on the TV. I felt very festive indeed.

Happy festive crafting ;0)

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  1. Hi sarah, Wow your book is really coming on, your photo's are beautiful too! Sorry that you haven't been feeling to well!
    I know what you mean about trying to reduce the size of the book! I didn't really think of that. I might just have to stop at boxing day! x