Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A little convention make....

I'm slowly ticking off the million and one jobs that need completing before Convention on Thursday. Last night I tackled the job of making myself a bag tag! Now I knew nothing about this till I noticed a thread on In Love With Stamping. A lovely lady there (Sassy Stamper) was offering a blank Top Note cut out for us to accessorise to make into our bag tags. I was left wondering what I would need a bag tag for. Then all became clear with a bit of investigating. We are all given the same bag at registration and so everyone makes their own tag to identify theirs and ensure it doesnt get mixed up with the other 299 bags hung on chairs and hidden under tables ;0)

So here is my effort. I used some die cut letters that Paige cut ages ago when she was demoing the Cricut for me (and I've kept tucked away in my craft box knowing I'd use them one day! Thank you Mrs P for usefully cutting my name for me!). I covered them in Crystal Effects then emptied an entire pot of Rose Pink Cosmo glitter on top of that (I didnt use it all I might add, I did pour the leftovers back in the pot). Once that was dried I added another layer of Crystal Effects over the top to save me leaving a trail of glitter all over convention. I then stuck these to the top note shape (which I had covered in Sweet & Sour DSP) and blinged a bit more with jewels from my stash box ;0) I'm so pleased with the result. All things glittery are very me ;0)

Also, I wanted to share with you a lovely Halloween Treat Bag I received yesterday. I was made up as I had been admiring these over on Ladybird Ladybird over the weekend. I popped in to see Mrs P on my way back to work after lunch and she'd saved one for me ;0) I brought it back to work and photographed it straight away as I couldnt guarantee the urge to eat the choccie treats wouldnt overcome me during the afternoon (which it did ;0). Isn't it lovely? And I love the Halloween stamps. The witch is just fantastic. I wonder which company makes them?


  1. Love the tag, very sparkly! P FORGOT to give me my bag!!!!!!But they do look good dont they?! Have a great time at the convention, see you when you get back x

  2. Your tag is gorgeous Sarah... but I've now realised I have an extra job to do. Think mine will end up being a CAS tag! Looking forward to seeing you at convention. Vx