Sunday, 7 November 2010

Home from Convention 2010

And I dont even know where to start in talking about it. There was so much happening and so many lovely crafting projects and so many lovely people. So I'll start at the beginning....

One big draw for me about convention was knowing that Stampin' Up!'s founder Shelli would be attending and speaking on stage. I've followed her blog for inspiration since I joined with the company in February. It is Shelli and her family who grace the first couple of pages of the Idea Book & Catalogue each year. Well it turns out she was the loveliest of ladies. She took time out to chat and be photographed with every and any Demo who approached her. She sat here being photographed for about 2 hours on the Thursday giving every Demo a chance to chat to her. I got in there first thing knowing i'd bottle it if I didn't get in there quick ;0) 

Stampin' Up!'s European Convention was attended by 300 Demonstrators from France, Germany and the UK and was held at Addington Palace near Croydon. The theme this year was 'Share What You Love' and we attended classes, Make and Take sessions and the Annual Awards Dinner. I loved meeting up with my upline Michelle and the other lovely ladies in our team.

 The picture above was taken during the Awards Dinner when the Top 25 UK Demos were announced (Shelli gave each of the 25 a rose as they came up onto stage). The photo shows the lovely Peg on the end celebrating No 24 and on the far left Carole celebrating 14! Go Pink Ladies!

This is Michelle and I up on stage posing for a photo yesterday. Her hardwork in recruiting and personal sales earned her several recognition awards but most importantly she is now the UK's No 1 Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.
I was in love with the stage set. I wanted to take the giant stamp in the middle of the stage home and use it as a coffee table. It would have been a real conversation starter and the perfect size ;0)

Right, I have so much more to chat about. I havent even started on the crafting and the beautiful swaps and projects I received. More on that later.

Thanks for stopping by ;0)



  1. J'espère vous revoir en France l'année prochaine! J'ai trouvé votra swap très original

    Sonia (France)

  2. Sarah, it sounds like you had a lovely time and picked up loads of inspirion! Cant wait to hear all about it! x

  3. Really enjoyed spending time with you Sarah. You are not only a really talented crafter but also a lovely person. I'm surprised Shelli didn't fold you up small and pop you in her handbag to take back to the states! Hope to see you soon. Vicky x

  4. Oh Sarah you look lovely in your pic with Shelli and you are truly a great crafty person. thanks for pics of me on your blog and your lovely comment on my blog. Will hopefully get your card sent in the next couple of weeks, see you soon x