Sunday, 31 October 2010

4 days and counting......

Stampin' Up!'s European Convention is now only 4 days away (well technically 5 but I am travelling up to East Croydon on Thursday so I say 4) and I have been so busy getting everything ready. Hence things have been a bit quiet on the crafting/blogging/scrapbooking front. I somewhat foolishly signed myself up for several organised swaps through the website In Love With Stamping and have been feverishly busying myself along making 90 CMC swaps (which will form a lovely mini album memento of Convention), 10 Business Tools swaps, 10 Card Candy Swaps, Team Swaps and 100+ general demo swaps.  I feel like I've breathed, eaten, slept and dreamed swaps continually for the last month or so. So relieved to finally have put the finishing touches to my last swaps today. They are now all packaged up and ready to go. Goodness only knows how I'm going to get these all the way to Croydon on the train along with myself and my main bag. Think I'll have to come up with some creative packing to protect everything.....
So once Convention is over, normal crafting service will resume. I'm now 4 challenges behind with the Wight Craft Circle's Scrap With Us (which I will be catching up on asap!) and I've got workshops and demos to prepare for. So new cards/layouts will be posted soon. Along with photos of my swaps and hopefully all the lovely swaps I'll receive in return.

I cannot wait to blog again this time next week and let you all know how Convention goes ;0) I'm so excited and yet terrified at the same time (trying not to let my nerves get the better of me).

Right, off to watch X-Factor. Can hear Bon Jovi are on already and I'm missing it (love Bon Jovi! Have some fab memories of seeing them live in New Jersey many moons ago. Thank goodness for Sky+)......


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  1. HAve a great time this weekend! and we WILL meet for a coffee next week so you can tell me all about it!