Thursday, 28 October 2010

Happy Birthday Lola

 This is a scheduled post so I hope it goes live as planned ;0) I wanted to share some items I recently made for my lovely friend from MK, Lola, whose birthday it is today. She is about to buy a house so I wanted to make her a little keepsake/useful item for her big move. I took an art journal and covered it with some 'stitched' DSP. I cut some 'handwriting' style letters using my friend P's Cricut which I stuck to the front and covered with glossy accents. I then accessorised with jewels and stamped the corner of each page inside using a variety of 'home-y' stamps.
 I also wanted to celebrate the fact that we've now been friends for 10 years. We met randomly when I moved into a shared on-campus flat at University. She was my next door but one corridor flatmate and we were firm friends from day one. Hardly a day has gone by since then without an email, text or lunch meet up in London ;0) P had shown me how to make this mini fold out album a while ago and I'd tucked it away knowing I wanted to use it for Natalie's 30th (her name isn't really Lola in case this confused anyone?!). I printed a whole load of Uni photos and mounted them into this happy and colourful little album. Hope it jogs her memory as to some fab nights out!

Happy Birthday Natalie! Hope you're having a fantastic day (and work isn't getting you down too much today). Hope you dont mind me sharing your gifts with cyberland ;0)



  1. I saw you working on that little home journal at the retreat and wondered what it was looks lovely! Like the fold out mini album, looks like you had some great times!!

  2. Great use of that little album! you'll have to come over again soon so I can show you the babies!!! it's seems like an age since I last saw you!!!