Saturday, 8 December 2012

And now for something completely different.....

No papercrafting today I am afraid. My lovely school friend Hannah writes a fab parenting blog and she put a ginger challenge out there about a month or so ago. Inspired by the Great British Bake Off she wanted us all to put our thinking caps on and create a Christmasy gingerbread structure. So I set off to search Pinterest for inspiration (click here for my inspiration board). And inspire me it did. But not in an obvious way. I came across the following pic:

Now this is just a tourist souvenir and not at all gingerbready. But it reminded me of our family Christmas in Hawaii a few years back so I set our recreating it in ginger. And here is the result....

 Now I messaged Hannah a couple of weeks back and promised originality but not a perfect finish and I think I delivered. This was a team effort with my Mum, sister and Summer all pitching in to help and boy did we have fun making it (although who knew gingerbread could be SO tiring!)

I tried to Christmas it up a bit by making the fairy lights around the roof. I had planned a Father Christmas buried in the sand but I forgot my gingerbread man cutter. So it is a surf shack in the morning sun before it is open for the day (without customers!)

Here is the shop part of the surf shack complete with frothy cold beverages ;0)

The porch had a slight issue as it really didn't want to stay standing. So my surf shack has a bit of rickety character (not unlike the rickety house of Blackgang Chine ;0). But I will definitely enjoy eating it as I splashed out on Fabulous Fingers which are my absolute favourite (and remind me of being pregnant as I ate so many packs- sending Sam out at strange hours to buy them for me!)

Thank you for stopping by today. And if you've got a free minute, definitely pop by Hannah's blog for a read (and you've still got time to enter your own gingerbread creation too!)

And should you be popping by today for Stampin' Up! info, normal service will resume tomorrow with some projects for a party I am doing this afternoon. Please get in touch on 01983 609249 or to chat about Stampin' Up! products, hosting a party, joining my virtual hostess club or attending a class locally.

Happy Saturday crafting to all

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