Friday, 9 December 2011

JYC Days 7 and 8

I tell you what, it is a joy and a relief allowing myself a simpler and less involved JYC this year. By giving myself a little less pressure I am actually ending up a lot happier with my results and also I'm not falling behind which is a small miracle too ;0)

Here are my pages for Days 7 and 8. I'm not entirely enthralled with the first. I couldnt quite match my embellishments perfectly. I wanted to capture the lovely reaction I had from my online Secret Santa on Facebook. There were a lot of lovely comments made about the gift i had sent but i couldnt fit them all on the page. So instead I just screen captured an image of her thank you. It didnt fit with the theme of the day, but I wanted to capture this memory all the same. It is a part of my December journey 2011 ;0)

And the second page I was a lot happier with (hence I should stick with the 4 mini rectangle idea....). Due to the awful weather yesterday I wasnt overly keen on going out in the wind and rain to capture the sights of the season. I did, however, capture a few 'indoor' sights. I took loads of photos of our work grotto and Christmas trees and then used the star as a focal point for the page. I also captured my favourite Christmas traditions- the Radio Times and Christmas stamps ;0) Very simple but I'm happy with this all the same.
 Another project i have worked on this past couple of nights is this 60th birthday card for a work colleague. I cannot claim this all as my own as I used a swap I'd received at Convention as my base inspiration. I then personalised it for the occasion and mounted on a large enough piece of Rose Red for all the girls at work to sign. 
 And finally, here is a photo of some of the Gift Cards I have been working on recently. I am happy to personalise for any occasion (although Christmas is proving mightily popular at the moment!). Inside this little card is a pocket with the Stampin' Up! gift card within it. I can create a card for any denomination. Just get in touch on or 609249 to place your order.
Happy Friday to you all and have a festive weekend ;0)


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  1. Loving your JYC this year Sarah, I love the LO of it! It was good to see it in real life on saturday x