Tuesday, 20 December 2011

My little lady

Here is a lovely little break from my JYC. Today was my 20 week scan and we went along to see how our little Miss or Mr was getting on. We had a lovely sonographer who was super chatty and talked us through every little detail of  the scan. She showed us all the organs (even saw the baby's brain!!!) and showed us the measurements of the leg bones. It was truly fascinating. And in true to our little ones form they were wriggling around a good'un. I think the sonographer might've woken them up and so there was a lot of wiggling and stretching going on.

Sam and I held off asking about the gender until almost the end of the scan when I caved in and asked (I had briefly toyed with staying yellow earlier this afternoon). She had a good look around and there were no bits to be found so she said with 95% certainty that we are expecting a little girl. So my bargain Maxi-Cosi purchase last week in Coral (it looked red in the catalogue I hasten to add) was a premonition after all. I suddenly have an overwhelming urge to go baby girl shopping..........

Here are the scan pics. SO much better than the 12 week ones......

What a treat for a cold and rainy Tuesday ;0)


  1. aaahh how lovely Sarah, congratulations and what a lucky little girl she is xx

  2. aaahhh how lovely congratulations i warn you thou every thing in your house will soon turn pink! trust me i have two little girls who love pink my poor hubby in the house of girlies! xx

  3. Wow! technology eh? fab that you know it's a girl so you can organise everything, have a great Christmas and hope to see you soon x

  4. A daughter! That's fabulous news - you and she will be best friends I'm sure. Congrats Sarah - love and hugs, Gill x