Wednesday, 21 December 2011

JYC Days 14-20

I'm not as far behind with my journal as it appears. I just havent been able to upload my updated pictures to my blog. Of all these pages I am leaning towards simplicity as my favoured pages. Of the pages that I have created there are some I like a lot more than others. But on the whole (and i know I keep banging on about this) I am not feeling any creativity guilt over not perfecting each and every page. It is liberating and I feel like this journal is such a good reflection of my life at the moment. It captures all the important info and I have made extra room for journalling so capture what is going on in my head.

I keep trying to look over my pages from a Mums point of view and look at the stories and pictures I will be able to share with my little one in years to come. I think I have managed to capture some of the special little details of the pregnancy and little ones first unofficial Christmas.

Days 14, 15 and 16

Not so keen on the New Years Eve page. Although I was very keen on the film (although there is a scene with lots of newborn babies that made me blub like a wally in the middle of the cinema). If you are wondering about the random Moses Basket- I wanted to remember the bargain Sam and I picked up from Wightbay. I was on a bit of a baby buying rampage and decided I'd have to get a Moses basket for downstairs at home. When I saw this one advertised I just fell in love with it. And it was even lovelier IRL and so well looked after. What a bargain! ;0)

And Day 16 is a bit of a copout i realise as I havent properly embellished. More used a whole sheet of 8x8 with a matching journalling card. But that is because i just love this paper and feel it needs no further embellishment. I wanted to have the whole picture included (which is why i didn't actually stick the journalling down- this can be lifted to show the whole page).

 Day 17: Music Makes The Season

I had bought a pack of mixed up embellishments to match these lovely papers and as soon as I saw this record I knew the page I wanted to create. The Silent Night song sheet folds back to reveal my musical journalling for the day.

 Days 18 and 19

Sam and i finally got around to buying and decorating our quirky Christmas tree. By the time we got out to buy one late Sunday afternoon there wasnt a whole lot to choose from. Most of the trees left were quite 'quirky' and had individual personalities. I fell in love with our one even though it doesnt have lots of full and lovely branches to hang things from. I feel like i have given a tree a purpose and saved it from an unloving Christmas ;0)

Day 19 uses a card from this months card class. This was inspired by a gorgeous make I spied over on Vicky's blog using the Stampin' Up! Autumn Days stamp set. I love all the stamping and texture of this card and it made a perfect little journalling card to include. Also, I am finding using cards between the pages is giving me lots of extra space to fit photos that don't necessarily fit on the main pages. Perfect solution to the lack of journalling space on the pages too....
 I had this photo from messing around with the baubles at work a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to include it somewhere in the album but just didnt know where. So on the reverse of the Autumn Days card i created a mini layout.

 And finally here is my page for yesterday (our big baby day!). Its not detailed or wonderful and I really wish I had a smaller journalling block so I didnt cover so much of the scan pic. But it captures our happiness and excitement from yesterday and shows our lovely little girl in all her glory. There isnt really a lot you can do to embellish an already perfect picture ;0)
Right, off to spend the evening at my Mums for our annual Muppet Christmas Carol singalong.


  1. WOOOHOOOOO! A girly! Congrats to you both! Looking forward to meeting up for coffee tomorrow. make sure you bring the scan photos! Love all your pages and loved that you gave your tree a chance to fulfil its xmas destiny!!! x

  2. :) BIG BIG grins!!!!!! Sarah is having a PINK baby :)

  3. Oh and don't forget to bring your lovely album with you tomorrow when we meet for coffee I want to have a thumb through IRL :) Px