Saturday, 7 January 2012

Finishing my Christmas Journal

So here it is!! My finished JYC album for 2011. I only had a bit of journalling to finish today and then bits to tidy away for next year. But it was more challenging than I had anticipated due to feeling so far from Christmas-y (after my birthday on Jan 1st I am overcome with the urge to remove all decorations and all things Christmasy from the house. Thats the price you pay for starting to think about Christmas is August!!!)

Here is a final shot of my album cover. I made an adjustment to the cover with the Stampin' Up! Red Glimmer Paper Heart.
 The album as a whole.
 Day 23: Light the Wight

Sam and I did our tour of the best Christmas lights. I love this nativity scene in Newchurch and it reminds me of being a child and nativity plays.
 Day 24: Christmas Eve

Sam and I indulging in a little Wii playing action on Christmas Eve. We had a lovely Waitrose buffet dinner at Mum and Dads followed by a Sam vs Sophie Wii tournament. I ended the evening by nodding off while everyone else was playing. Pregnancy and eating are both exhausting activities *laugh*
 A random photo I had taken earlier in the month and included here. A pic of the Grotto the girls had worked so hard on at the RSPCA Animal Centre. It was right next to my office and I loved sneaking out to have a relax amid all the Christmas lights when things got a bit too hectic or stressful.
 Day 25: Christmas Day

I had seen Paige use cards and jokes from a Christmas Cracker in her JOY album and I loved the idea of using these as page embellishments. So I kept a few of the bits from my Christmas Day cracker and used them on this page. The photo is a bit dark but it is of my dog Kala playing with her Christmas tube of treats ;0) Sasha has one also but she can't quite be seen in the background.
 Days 26 and 27: Sale Shopping

I was beginning to run out of steam by this point and was winding down my page detail. These pages are about things we bought in the sales. Slightly more exciting than the reality of most of Christmas week which was mainly me falling asleep on Mum's sofa ;0) In fact my hidden journalling details that I spent 4 whole days just sleeping mainly (and watching DVDs inbetween!) How lazy am I?

So here is our lovely fancy new camera and the bags of baby clothes I'd picked up in the sales ;0)
 Days 28, 29 and 30

Simple and plain page. I decided to use some of my favourite papers from my Christmas 2011 stash for this and let them speak for themself. Not really much to report as I was shattered for the entire week. Watched a whole load of films though....
 Day 31: New Years Eve

Sam and I spent the evening at Mum and Dads for a curry New Year. Mum and I had planned lots of lovely curry dishes for us all to share and tuck in to. The plan had been i would go round early in the day and we'd prep them together. Sadly I fell asleep on the sofa and when I woke up Mum had already done most of the work. Oops! But it was lovely all the same.

I didnt think there was much chance of making it to midnight so Sam and I headed home for an early night. But the cold drive home woke me up. We ended up watching the 50 Greatest Magic Tricks and waited till 12am where we let off HUGE party exploding cannon things (my poor Henry hoover had a fair amount of work to do in the morning) and watched the amazing London fireworks on TV.
 January 1st- My Birthday

Not a great pic but I couldnt flatten this one out for a better picture. I created this page within a birthday card i received. I used bits of every wrapping paper I received presents wrapped in to create this mini LO. I wanted to capture all the lovely pressies I received. I also scrapped the cinema tickets as I was very indulged for my 31st- we all went as a family to see Mission Impossible 4 and then after a bit of gentle persuasion, Sam took me to see Sherlock Holmes in the evening (one of my favourite pastimes as a teenager was spending afternoons in the cinema watching multiple films). The shiny stars and hearts on the page were from the exploding cannon from the night before ;0)
And the last page in the journal is this plastic zip wallet where I have put all my gift tags and photos and bits I couldnt fit elsewhere in the journal.
 And a final mention to this lovely card (safely tucked inside the plastic wallet) that my Mum made for my birthday. Love this technique ;0)

So thats it for another year. I love having a daily project to complete through December but do love packing all my christmas bits away again. Happy to return service as usual crafting from here on in. Currently working on this months scrapbooking and card class projects. Come back soon for more info on those.

Thanks for coming along for the JYC journey and happy crafting ;0)

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