Wednesday, 6 April 2011

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday

Well this is my contribution to the fantastic What's On Your Workdesk over on Julia's blog. This is my celebration of that fact that I actually now have a workdesk. Its not so tidy or at all functional. It is a work in progress. But i finally have somewhere to keep my crafting bits and pieces and a room to create in. Hooray!!!

I finally sold the big bulky bunkbeds taking up unnecessary space in my spare room which has given me the room to finally get a desk and few bits of crafty storage. You can see from this photo that I havent got so far with unpacking (I started a new job Monday which leaves me little time or energy!). The big box contains all my Stampin' Up! stamps from downstairs. I had to unpack my craft cupboard so it could be moved upstairs. You can also see I've already solved my stamp pad problem in the background. They fit perfectly in this old bathroom shelf that my Dad painted for me. I've also moved the essentials- my Cricut and printer!!

Here is my actual workdesk. I half inched it from my recently retired Dad's office. It is glass topped and I have a plan for this desk. I am planning a huge scrapbooking layout in a patchwork style to lie under the frosted glass. But in the meantime I was playing with my Stampin' Up! In Colour Designer Series Paper and decided to make the desk more colourful with it. It isnt perfect. Sam and I tried loads of times to straighten the sheets, but everytime we let go of the glass they just did their own thing. So I kept the messy look.
So thats this weeks workdesk for you. Hopefully by next week I might have something a little more creative to share (and not just a box and some mess!).

Happy crafting ;0)


  1. good idea to put the papers under the glass - will make for a really jolly desk. Thanks for Sharing and hope you have a happy WOYWW. Caroline (No 31 x)

  2. So pleased you finally have your creative space :) and you living room back :) I hope you are able to get things sorted and unpacked soon so you are able to enjoying sitting at that huge!!!! desk with all your loveiness about you. Hope all is going well at the new job? Px

  3. What a great idea for your desk! Good luck with your new job.

  4. Love to see what other people utilise as storage and a glass top desk sounds a wonderful idea - you won't need a glass mat for cutting on !
    x Tricia

  5. Contests on getting rid of the bunk beds and I love the idea of keeping your papers under a glass work top.
    Good luck with the rest of it!
    Happy WOYWW
    Rebecca x(48)

  6. The only thing about that lovely glass topped desk, is that if you craft on it, you will never see those papers. Or is it a trick to ensure you tidy up each day?

  7. But it'll be wonderful when you've got it all sorted Sarah! Hope the new job's going well. Vx

  8. Very nice work space evolving here. Look forward to seeing the finished space. Love the papers under glass idea. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #88

  9. good idea for the desk, but you need to get messy there that is what a workdesk is for, good luck for next week
    thanks for sharing