Monday, 4 April 2011

Weekly Journal Update

Firstly, I just have to say a big thank you to everyone that stopped by over the weekend to check out my Blog Hop post. I had a Stampin' Sarah record 28 comments ;0) This brightened my weekend no end.

Well things are still busy here which is stifling my mojo a little bit at the mo. And after starting my new job today I'm too tired to even do any more work on my lovely pink craft room (I have done some work on the desk though- its got a glass top so I patchworked In Colour DSP underneath). But I did choose some lovely photos to do some  work on my weekly summary journal (while I'm feeling creatively challenged I've relied heavily on my pictures!). I promised some up to date photos of my journal a couple of weeks ago and never got around to posting. So here goes.....

Week Eleven- Sam's Birthday page

For this page I used Kimono Kids and Poppy Parade as the theme for my birthday celebration summary. I paper pieced the lanterns again as this is my new favourite technique (and works so beautifully with these lanterns). The photos show the sushi hamper I bought Sam for his bday pressie. We then spent the evening together attempting to make sushi (it was surprisingly successful and a lot nicer than the mayo filled over processed sushi you get in the supermarkets these days).

 Weeks 12 and 13- Spring Has Sprung

For these pages I used photos to capture the start of spring on the IOW. I used one  of Mum's pics of Kala again. The daffodil pic was taken in my Mum's garden. Seeing the daffodils coming out all over the island always makes me smile and makes me feel like summer is only just around the corner again. I matted the photos onto a sheet of Sunny Garden DSP (love those colours).

 I used the second page to catch up on my journalling and write about everything thats been going on with the job change, hospital appointments, Zumba and hynotherapy (I live a crazy life some times! You couldnt write these storylines in a soap opera). But i did include this photo of my favourite Highland Cattle near my Mum and Dads house. I love this time of year when they all have their gorgeous hairy baby cattle (calves to you and me). They have such friendly faces. Although I do wonder how they see out from under all that hair ;0)
 And finally, here is my March summary......
I am a HUGE Fringe fan hence the exclamation of joy at its return on Sky.  I also thoroughly recommend Consolation by Anna Gavalda. Its a really hard book to get in to. But i am glad I kept reading as it turned out to be a hugely joyous and emotional read. I have read a fair few books recently that have been translated from their original French and there is something in the language that I find beautiful.

And on that note I'm off to bed ready for another new day at my new job.

Happy Crafting ;0)

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  1. Sophie and I love your new layouts, especially Kala and the daffodils ( I wonder who grew those :o) It was a lovely surprise to see her beautiful face first thing this morning.