Monday, 30 May 2011

Owl Punch Surprise....

 I am battling a Bank Holiday Migraine today (in capitals to emphasize my irritation at this happening). So please excuse me if my blogging makes little sense ;0)  I've been resting all day and my brain is going stir crazy. Luckily I've had our family dog (star of many a scrapbook LO featured on these pages) for company all day. We've been snoozing away the day together.

I looked through my archive photos today to find some cards I havent previously featured on my blog. This card was inspired by many different owl punch cards I've seen out there in blogland. I created it with a view to teaching this in this months classes. However, it got replaced by my May infatuation with Natures Walk. I love the 3d pop out effect with this card and the Woodland Walk woodgrain papers. I also enjoyed the way the card tells a story (the way the owls are peeking out on the front cover then flying out from the tree inside the card).   If you'd like any further info on Stampin' Up! or their products, please get in touch: or 01983 609249. 

I'm off to attempt to schedule some posts for the week. Wish me luck. Not sure my brain will be able to handle it.....

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