Sunday, 2 January 2011

JYC Days 24 and 25

 I've finally got around to taking photos of JYC Days 24 and 25. I did a single page for Christmas Eve and 5 pages (we took a lot of photos) for Christmas Day. This leaves me with one page and the back cover to complete the journal. Shimelle sends optional prompts to take your Journal through to January 5th. However, this week has been so hectic and my journal is so thick already, I decided I would take it to Christmas with a summary of the year and then looking ahead to 2011 and call that complete ;0) Plus it has been such a relief to pack away all the Christmas craft bits (the pile started the month tidily in one box but began to take over my life and house!)

So here we go.... Day 24: Christingle and a tour of the local Christmas lights. I love my nativity stamp and dont get to use it enough so I was happy to have the opportunity to include it here. And the Christmas lights on Perowne Way in Sandown were so impressive I had to take a picture and include it here.

I used the Stampin' Up! Christmas Jingle Scrap Kit to create my Christmas Day title page which includes a lovely family shot of all of us before Christmas dinner.
I used an empty Gift Card envelope (and also included the used card as I thought it was so festive!) for my journalling for the day. The card already had a pull tab for removing the insert. So I created a frame on the back and wrote all about my family Christmas on this. I then used the back cover of the envelope for including a couple more photos. I made two pockets by using empty After Eight wrappers (what Christmas is complete without After Eights?) and slipped a photo of Kala and a photo of the Christmas table into these.

 The final two pages are photo pages. I loved that we managed to capture some gorgeous family shots and wanted these all included. As i'd already journalled in the gift card I didnt add any extra writing to the pages. The first photo below was captured for Mum's new scrapbook about her knitting makes. She had made us each a hand knitted scarf for Christmas and wanted a photo with us all wearing her makes.

Here is my first card made with my new Cricut and the ZooBalloo cartridge. It is my cousin's baby's first birthday this week and Mum and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try out the cartridge. I've spent the week using up little odds and ends of cardstock cutting out shapes and alphas. Its a little bit addictive!
And lastly, here is the layout in a frame I created for my friend Natalie for Christmas. I thought this fitted well with the Wight Craft Circle Week 39 Challenge, Scrap Your Friends. I took this photo on a day out together in Bucks earlier in the year and saved it to create a pressie LO. I left the journalling tag blank for her and Ben to write in themselves.
For any further information on Stampin' Up!'s products or to book a workshop please do not hesitate to get in touch, or 01983 609249.

Happy New Year Crafting ;0)


  1. pleased to see you are already making good use of your cricut and all those carts you have been buying :) how much longer are you going on with your JYC? to the end or have you finished it? see you thursday for dinner :)

  2. Wow, you have been busy! Love your last pages, you can really tell how much you have enjoyed this project! Bet you are over the moon to actually get your hands on your cricut!!! x

  3. Gorgeous scrapping Sarah, and I love your special little touches like using the After Eight sleeves as pockets for photos. Happy new year and also happy birthday!