Monday, 1 August 2011

Explore Week Two

So now it seems I am having laptop trouble. The charger for my computer 'popped' over the weekend so I have borrowed my Mums for the day. This is going to make blogging a bit difficult for the foreseeable future. But please bear with me. Normal blogging service will be resumed just as soon as I can get the computer charging issue sorted.

Now on to Week 2 of Shimelle's 'Explore' class. Again I am posting a weeks worth of playbook pages and scrapbooking in one go as I've caught up with my crafting over the weekend.

Prompt 6: Sit, Stand, Sleep.

This prompt encouraged us to think about a self portrait in a new way and to consider where we spend our days (Sitting, Standing, Sleeping). I took photographs of three of my favourite spaces in my house. I found it a bit of a challenge to make my bed/pillow look exciting. But I tried a new angle on the space. I also created a little tag for my journalling which I tucked behind the photos.
Prompt 8: Embellishing and Crafting with Photos

This was a bit of a challenge for me. I struggle with writing or doodling on photos. So for this prompt I deliberately chose photos I knew i had doubles of. So if I creatively destroyed the pictures it wouldnt matter so much. But actually I really enjoyed trying out new techniques for embellishing photos. I had never really considered decorating the picture itself. So I tried out several pens to see which worked best on the glossy surface. I tried doodling, writing, sticking, cutting, tracing.  I think I've banked a few techniques to try using again in the future.

A sunny day at Carisbrooke embellished with drawn stitching, writing, jewels, transfer letters.
I lay a small scrap of vellum over my pic of Carisbrooke and roughly traced and coloured it.
Prompt 7: Memory Sparks

I took a blank piece of A4 paper for this prompt and a mixture of different coloured pens. I then just doodled memories all over the page and saw what things popped up. It was a fun exercise at seeing different perspectives on memory and things that i could be scrapbooking. I decided that rather than show the whole page I would include this kraft envelope in my play book instead. I embellished and tried out some new techniques (i've never used my glimmer mists before and tried them out for this splattered glimmer look) and included quotes/definitions that fitted with the ideas of the class as a whole. I then folded the A4 memory sheet and tucked it inside this envelope. On the reverse of the coloured diagram I also journalled about memories and reflected on the course so far. I also picked one specific memory (as the prompt suggested) and wrote the story out in more detail

More of Prompt 8: Embellishing photos.

I used a pic of a West Wight sunset. I enjoyed this photo even more. I felt like it had a bit more scope for embellishing. And the gold pen worked really well on the gloss surface.  I especially loved adding the boat and whale (dont see many of those in the Solent!!).
Prompt 9: A Day in the Life

I took a simple perspective on recording the details of a day in the life. I simply recorded the day on a blank piece of paper and then transposed these into my playbook. For visual effect I just started in the middle and wrote out. I wanted to include some visible handwriting in the book as most of my journalling has been tucked away in the book so far.
Prompt 10: Photos as Embellishments.

I followed one of the class prompt sketches today to create this scrapbook page. I used a larger print from my stash of New Years Eve 2010 and then printed out the smaller 1 inch square miniatures as embellishments for the page. I had other ideas to fancy the page up a bit but actually like the simplicity of the stars and the smaller photos so kept it relatively unembellished. I'm really pleased with this LO to finish the halfway point of the course.

Right, off to look at Prompt 11 and see what this week has in stores.

Happy crafting and I'll be back online as soon as I can

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  1. What great pages for the Explore class. These are fantastic! So creative. Love the writing in a circle.