Wednesday, 10 February 2010

I had so much fun colouring and accessorising this card. The pictures doesnt quite show up the subtle pink shade of glitter I used to highlight the hearts piled in the back of the truck.

An alternative style Valentines card using up old cardstock. Finished with multicoloured glitter to highlight the flowers.

This is my favourite card that I made over the weekend using the Loads of Love Stampin Up stamps. I used up odds and ends of old cardstock that I have in my craft cupboard while i am awaiting the arrival of my Starter Kit ;0)

I used a foam pad to stick the bird onto the card. It sticks out to look as though it is perched on the outside window ledge.

I've had these stamps for a while. I am looking for new ideas and inspiration for the 'Tree For All Seasons' stamps. Thanks to Michelle ( I now know about various crafting websites (for example, that I can visit to see other peoples ideas and projects. So I am excited about chatting online to crafters and making new contacts and gaining inspiration.

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