Thursday, 17 May 2012

If Carlsberg Made Blog Posts........

The post title refers to this just about being the BEST blog post I could ever write ;0)

If you are all wondering where my blogging has disappeared to. Well let my photos explain...

My beautiful and perfect Summer Rose arrived at 13.23 last Friday (May 11th).

Sam and I are about as proud as parents can be and are still wrapped up in our own little new family bubble at home. We've been home since Sunday so still finding our feet a bit what with the new routines and endless amounts of washing (who knew something so small could create so many loads of washing? Still, it makes the house smell lovely so who am I to complain?)

I am so overwhelmed by the kindness of everyone who has sent cards and gifts. I have my thank you cards ready to write but please bear with me as it might take a little while (I spent a vast majority of my day watching a sleeping baby and when I am not doing that I am playing with and chatting to an awake baby- which doesnt leave a great deal of time for anything productive like getting dressed or crafting or writing cards!)

Looking forward to updating again soon. Hopefully I might even get some pics on of all the lovely Stampin' Up! baby cards I have been receving from some super talented crafters ;0)

Happy Crafting (or not in my case!)


  1. Sarah she is beautiful!, Can't wait for cuddles.


  2. Tiny fingers, tiny toes, bright eyes and a button nose. Congratulations Sarah - Summer is beautiful!

    Gill x

  3. congratulations she is gorgeous. welcome to the world Summer Rose.xx

  4. congratulations, she's lovely!

  5. Sarah, she is beautiful! Well done to you and Sam. Enjoy the hours just drinking her in!!! x

  6. Oh Sarah I am so delighted for you and the photo of you and Summer looking at each other made me melt! Take care, Vicky x

  7. Congratulations Sarah and Sam, Summer Rose is just gorgeous. xx

  8. Congratulations Sarah - Summer is beautiful!
    Margaret x