Thursday, 10 June 2010

Scrap With Us Week #16- Old Wives Tales & Alphas

Well this weeks effort sort of looks like a ransom note i think. Maybe I took 'mixing up the alphas' a little too far ;0) I would like to submit this as evidence as to why I should not craft while stuck at home with the flu. I have been in bed most of the week and shifted myself to do this yesterday and think it is a slightly odd layout as a result. But actually I'm pretty happy with it. I picked the colour/theme to match my sisters personalities and to put a little piece of them into this weeks challenge.

I did struggle with the 'Old Wives Tales' part of the challenge. I googled looking for new and different tales but went with an old classic instead.... 'Be careful... or else the wind might change direction' ;0)

In other news, places are filling for the Saturday June 26th card class at my house in Newport. If you'd like to reserve one of the remaining spots please email me on or call/text on 07830 343830.


  1. Great LO Sarah. Love the colours and the alphas look great. I Cant come to the sat 26th workshop as I am in Glastonbury, hope to do a different one though x Hope you are feeling better now x

  2. Loving the Layout and I thinkt he ransom note look is a good one :) I'm also off Island on the 26th so can't make it sorry :( I though things had been quiet with you this week. hope you are feeling better soon. don't get too wet this weekend.