Monday, 15 March 2010

Mother's Day Card

After a week of attempting several Mothers Day cards for my Mum I was feeling quite despondent. Then I was flicking through a cardmaking magazine and came across a variation of this card. I loved it! And knew Mum would too. So after 2 hours of measuring, ruling, drawing, erasing and craft knifing I managed to create myself a greenhouse! (and that was before starting on the decoration!).

And while this isnt strictly Stampin Up i did incorporate a few Stampin Up tricks and stamps into the process (Garden Whimsy butterfly and ladybird for example).

I think it was thoroughly worth the 5 hours it took, my creative use of clear plastic (I couldnt find my pack of proper craft acetate so had to use the wrapping from a pack of cardstock!) and a hole in my lovely kitchen table (somehow managed to miss the cutting mat and punch through the entire width of a magazine and into my table! Its OK I used some crafting gloss to cover the table dent! Its as good as new! ;0).

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